A King for America
A satirical 21st Century executive search through a wildly dysfunctional United States and Europe for the blue-blood Sovereign that many Americans have yearned for all along. The world's top headhunter has many bazarre adventures as he sorts through elegant bottom feeding royal pretenders to find a willing monarch -- a king for America at last.

International Coagulants, a global giant with bumbling leaders, is about to become unstuck. Desperate struggles and gambits to save IC include fake news, freewheeling ploys, pious cant, sinister takeover plots, secret agents and major sardonic servings of corporate booberie, Wall Street fixers, and political connivers.
A mordant Fun House sheltering 28 short stories in four spacious rooms. Signs on the entry doors: Tales of Fog & Spin, Tales of Icy Water & Cold Turkey, Tales of Signs & Portents and Tales of Epiphanies. Among the tales: Alchemists of the New Age, The King and the Journalist, Exodus Revisited, Angelic Tip-off, Reality TV and Cleansing the Sepulchre.
Defines with caustic humor more than 1100 spin-polluted words and phrases currently theatening our ability to think rationally. The dictionary declares war on linguistic corruption and its spinmeisters who are everywhere, gussying up and diddling down everyday words in the name of political corrctness, moving familiar signposts, spreading buncombe and befogging reality.
Flim-flam artists, Wall Street piranhas, impatient mobsters, smarmy pols, five star PR spinmeisters and assorted montebanks in a rich goulash of 21st Century humbug, spin and fake news. This is a PR guide on how the "language of happiness" and a little artful muscle can solve the diciest issues plus disposal of inconvenient corporate leaders.
Chronicles of the Cold War Byzantine technological struggle to develop the Fleet Ballistic Missile System. Today the FBM "boomer" submarines encircle the world's oceans with the bulk of US strategic nuclear power -- America's trump card. The book explores the fragile psychology of war deterrent strategy -- convincing your enemies that if push comes to shove, you really will pull the trigger and they will be gone.
Tracks the current hollowing out and refitting of the global ad business and media world -- all told through the colorful "Madmen" case history of a one room, no clients ad shop in Providence, RI, that grew to be the world's seventh largest ad/PR agency before it was sold for $64 million and a Porsche in the great Madison Avenue sell-off.
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Only a handful of American rocket engineers in the 1950’s believed that the Communist Soviet Union was developing ICBMs that could wipe out the United States, hold the West hostage, and win the Cold War. When secret US radars in Turkey disclosed the truth, the US scrambled to begin a race to catch up. This is how the US Air Force and rocket engineers won the race and out-gunned the Soviet Union.
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Inventing the Biggest
Tales from the Business Jungle
Spinspeak and Advertising
Reality Short Fiction
George Beowulf "Wulfie" Hume, world-famous executive headhunter called out of retirement to "save America." (King)

Lamar Wingate "Win" Tidibowl, ambitious, blunt-talking Speaker of the US House of Representatives. (King)

J. Wigglesworth Pratt , CEO of International Coagulants, a silver-haired Roman senator with fishy blue eyes. (Gambit)

Gaston Edsel , former fork-lift truck operator and by mischance U.S. President. (Gambit)

Dr. Huck Franklin
, deceased Nobel laueate and explorer of abstruse molecular behavior, in limbo awaiting interrogation by a Mediocrity Investigating Panel chaired by H.L. Mencken. (Real Thing)

Congressman Millard Shortcuff, very early "heroic" survivor of the 9/11 Muslim terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. (Real Thing)

PR Kingpin Marvin Runnymede, purveyor of the "language of happiness" and provider of "Instant PR Agency" franchises to Third World nations. (Severance)

Mob Boss Joey Lasanga, implenter of quick fix severance packages that abet dicey corporate megamergers. (Severance)

St. Jerome, Doctor of the Church, translator of the Bible into the Latin Vulgate. (Real Thing)
Rear Admiral William F. Raborn, Jr. , innovate leader of the crash program that put the Polaris missile to sea. (Trump)

Vice Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, father of the nuclear Navy. (Trump)

Wernher von Braun , famous German and later American rocket engineer. (Trump)

Robert Guccione , publisher and editor of Penthouse Magazine , artist and photographer of beautiful women. (But Wait)

Ted Lapidus , famous French fashion designer and creator of designer fragrance for corpoate labeling. (But Wait)

Jerry Della Famina , advertising agency chieftan and restauranteur with high survivability talent. (But Wait)

William Jefferson Clinton , US President and redefiner of many words and phrases including the meaning of the verb "is." (Spinspeak)

George Orwell , British author who wrote some pigs are better than others. (Spinspeak)

Gen. Thomas S. Power,
Commander in Chief of the US Strategic Air Command (SAC) and combat bomber pilot. (Combat Missleman)
Some Players
A central theme of James Baar Books: They seek to portray with appropriate irony, satire and humor the long march from reality beginning with Greek sophistry that endlessly evolved through millenniums of spin and the engulfing flood of spinspeak to a technologically powered world, derationalized by fake news, fake art, fake imagery, fake icons and fake facts.

James Baar is a writer, corporate communications consultant, spin lexicographer, former business executive and Washington journalist and sometime college lecturer.
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